Teer Radio Association

The Teer Radio Association is an informal association of radio and electronics enthusiasts. The group began with members of the Teer family, most of whom are active ham radio operators, and now includes extended family and friends who advocate for personal communication technology and community based broadcasting. The internet is a fantastic resource that provides communications and an outlet for countless personal interests, but radio technology is still fun and works when the internet doesn’t.

Services like ham radio and GMRS provide resilient communications anywhere, regardless of the availability of cellular or internet coverage. Ham radio as a hobby offers opportunities for people to experiment with different modes of communication and access the biggest social media platform in the universe.

Low Power Broadcast Stations provide a community based voice on local radio and television. Many churches, schools and community groups have been licensed to broadcast educational and informational content in the public interest.

This site provides general information about radio as a hobby and a community service. Each page offers a broad overview with specific links to more comprehensive subject matter. Enjoy.